Guiding Principles

Integrity and Respect

Personal integrity and respect for those you work with and for, is an uncompromising principle of how we do business. There are some who have an objective in their cross-hairs, which is more important than how it is achieved -- an approach with little virtue. Vitastar Solutions will only do business with people and companies who believe in fair play and honesty. Long after a solution is implemented and long after it is replaced by a newer system, the good character and reputation of the people who provided the solution will long endure. VitaStar Solutions will only do business with those who share similar values.

Shown in the picture is an F-15 Strike Eagle, a lethal weapons system that can only operate and deliver its payload with the mutual integrity, respect, and trust of all ALL supporting team members. In the picture are shown Pilot Captain Phillip "Ritz" Smith (on left) and Weapon Systems Officer Captain Alex "Amp" Wood (on right), who have just flown on a combat mission in the skies over Iraq on 5 December 2005 and are presenting an American flag, that flew with them, to Marko Milakovich.