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VAR – Value-Added Reseller

By definition, a VAR is a person or company who is an intermediary between the buyer and the manufacture, that provides some value to the transaction. This might be one or more of the following:

  1. Possibly provides a discount on the purchase price of the equipment or service. This might be possible because the VAR is using a quantity discount by consolidating several smaller orders from different customers into a single order to the manufacture. This also means less paperwork for the manufacturer. It can be a win-win.
  2. Provides technical advice and application support by spending more time with the customer than might be possible from the manufacturer. This might mean better, personalized service to the customer and at the same time, reduces the load on the manufacturer’s personnel. And, if the technical support is more complex than the VAR can provide, he usually has a personnel relationship with more people in the manufacturers organization, thus, he knows who to call about a specific kind of question. And, the manufacturer is usually more receptive to spending additional time with the VAR because he knows that the more competent the VAR becomes, the better support he can provide, which means fewer calls to the manufacturer. Again, this can be a win-win.
  3. Often the customer needs specialized support along with the equipment he is purchasing. A good VAR will provide a range of support from installation instructions for a specific application, cabling and wiring to support an installation, and sometimes programming of equipment so it will be ready for the specific application of the customer. Another win scenario.

VitaStar Solutions has had a long-standing VAR relationship with both the companies identified in this section. You always have the option in dealing with each of these companies directly, but if you chose, depending on your specific circumstances, VitaStar Solutions may be able to provide you with a value-add -- that is our mission.

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