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VitaStar Solutions, Inc. has specialized skills and experience in the field of Radio Frequency (RF) Hazard Analysis. The objective is to determine if there is any hazard to personnel near radio frequency transmitting antennas, such as may be the case on cellular radio towers, air-ground radio sites at airports, or anywhere that people may be in close proximity to radio transmitter antennas.

Specialized test equipment is used to measure the level of the RF fields as a function of time and the results compared to industry safety standards. We conduct the tests, collect the data, analysis the data, and prepare a report with findings and recommendations. As a result, our client will have the assurance that they are in compliance with industry standards, which is essential to provide proper safety to personnel and to avoid potential law suits.

If the client’s system is not in compliance, recommendations will be provided to bring the system into compliance. Our personnel are experienced in this field and have conducted many of these tests and analysis.