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High Frequency (HF) System Engineering

VitaStar Solutions has considerable depth in the specialty of High Frequency (HF) engineering and propagation studies. This specialty is not typically used in today’s typical communication systems where in many circumstances; it has been replaced by the Internet and satellite communications. Even so, it is a vital means of communications in commercial aircraft trans-oceanic flights and in military communications. It is also very prevalent in third-world communications systems which do not have the organic infrastructure to support current communications technologies. VitaStar Solutions can analyze communications requirements and when HF communications is appropriate provide HF engineering services.

These include antenna design and recommendations. To insure the best possible communications links are established, VitaStar Solutions will conduct detailed HF propagation studies which will identify optimum frequencies by time-of-day and time-of-year to provide most reliable communications links for HF communications.

We at VitaStar Solutions use two of the most comprehensive computer programs to assist in the HF propagation studies. The results of the studies will be provided in a comprehensive report with recommendations. VitaStar Solutions uses a variety of tools in the process of HF engineering and HF propagation analysis and prediction. One of the HF prediction tools is a program by ACE-HF. The following is a brief overview of this program. Click here for an overview of the ACE-HF program.