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VitaStar Solutions, Inc. has extensive experience expertise in the skill of Requirement Analysis. This is an extremely important pre-requisite in any new project and perhaps one of the most least understood and ignored steps in the process of developing new projects or acquiring new equipment to meet business objectives.

Technical attributes and performance are often critical to the implementation of technical capabilities to meet business objectives. Yet all too often this step is only a token effort to state the requirement. It is the statement of requirements, which will be the defining document to guide engineering and for vendors to provide an accurate proposal to meet the requirements. The statement of requirement is the only guide the vendor has and for this reason it is very important. The acquisition, which results from the statement of requirements, may be a high value effort, in the tens of thousands of dollars, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even more. It would seem logical that a commensurate effort in “defining the requirement” is appropriate, yet this is seldom the case and many companies experience the shortcomings of their inadequate efforts.

The three most important steps in any new project is “Define the Requirement”, “Define the Requirement”, and “Define the Requirement”. The corollary to this is that the best engineering solution is wasted solving the wrong problem. “Defining the Requirement” is a specialty of VitaStar Solutions. During the process a “systems approach” is used, namely to evaluate all factors, which can influence the ultimate objectives – what is the purpose of the requirement, what are the objectives, what is intended to be achieved, and what are any of the constraints which must be considered? VitaStar Solutions will conduct comprehensive interviews with a range of personnel, to include operational, technical, business, and support. Key business objectives will be determined and defined. Technical capabilities and performance levels will be determine and defined. Support needs will be articulated and financial aspects will be considered in the process of Defining the Requirement. The result will be a Requirements Documents, which can be the heart of a procurement effort targeted to achieve maximum effectiveness and met the stated objectives.

To “Define the Requirement” may seem intuitive and obvious, for the words seem to be self-defining. This is the insidious nature of this critical step. There must be a commensurate effort, based on the importance and value of the project, to “Define the Requirement” and this should be performed by experienced experts. VitaStar Solutions has this expertise and experience.

Please refer to the opening page of this website and the “Three Most Important Steps” and “Implementation Impediments” for additional, related information.