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VAR – Value Added Reseller

Battery Test and Monitoring

VitaStar Solutions provides consulting and instrumentation for stand-alone or remote monitoring of batteries. The health of condition of batteries is extremely important to ensure no-break-in-service to critical systems. We can provide the equipment and we can also provide a remote monitoring and analysis of the data and provide reports and alerts to clients when requested. The client also has the option to do the analysis internally if they have the appropriate skills in their staff. The remote battery monitoring is accomplished with the VitaMetric Battery Monitoring System. It consists of a data collection unit, a companion display unit, which is shown below, a computer program which can be used instead of the remote display unit and also a RS-232 or Ethernet interface. For information on the VitaMetric/PentaMetric Battery Monitoring System CLICK HERE.

VitaStar Solutions is a Value-Added Reseller for company that specializes in battery test and monitoring equipment. The company is Bogart Engineering. Their products are specifically concerned with testing, measuring, evaluating, and monitoring the health of batteries and battery systems. Batteries are a critical component in any telecommunications system. All too often, simple measurements of the batteries may provide the owner/operator with simple readings that may seem to indicate the batteries are OK, when in actually they are below minimum operational parameters and can fail or not provide the planned voltage and capacity when most needed and they are under load. The Bogart battery equipment products can provide the information to assess the health of your back-up batteries and provide the assurance and piece-of-mind that they will “DELIVER” when needed, and you will be able to “DELIVER” your service to your customers when needed. You may visit the Bogart Engineering website at:

If you have any questions or would like some assistance, you may call VitaStar Solutions or contact Bogart Engineering directly.