Corporate History

VitaStar Solutions, Inc. was formed over ten years ago. Originally it provided only consulting services in the telecommunications field. In the more recent past, our activities expanded with the addition of new engineers and technicians who had skills and experience in various aspects of the telecommunications industry. One of the primary activities was in the capacity of a Value Added Reseller (VAR). In this capacity a protocol converter and status monitor was received from the manufacture and it’s software modified to the specific application of our clients. Installation instructions were prepared and the unit was packaged with all the cabling, connectors, wiring, and instructions. This was sent to field locations where it was installed by technicians. Other activities included programming small telephone switches, installing building Public Address systems, and providing consulting and trade show support to a major power supply company.

VitaStar Solutions has matured and we now provide specialized technical assistance in corporate “Requirements Definition”, grounding system analysis, and Radio Frequency hazard analysis. Our current focus is providing a lead role in the development of two Information Management Systems supporting specialized, physical networks. One provides security through the use of diverse sensors, and the other, which is our current primary focus, is the design and implementation of a HARS - High value information Alert and Reporting System.

We are a flexible company, with a diverse base of experience in many areas related to telecommunications. Please feel free to discuss any of your requirements with us and we’ll gladly advise you, at no cost, if we can assist you. If we can, we will provide you with a detailed, written proposal specifying the support we will provide.