HARS - High value information Alert and Reporting System

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HARS - New Style of IT

Interview video with Bill Veghte, EVP and GM of HP’s Enterprise Group. He addresses the nature of the “New Style of IT” and explains:

  • Mobile: Anytime anywhere access
  • Cloud: Centralized, efficient way of delivering new experience (Mobile and Cloud are enabling new ways to communicate and collaborate)
  • Social: new means, methods and sources to capture new types of data
  • Big Data: Large repository of information as a fuel to create new applications

The Any Corporate Challenge: How to build a bridge from the “old” enterprise networks to the “new” enterprise networks.

The VSS Challenge: How to build a network, using all the new, innovative strategies, which are enabled by new technologies, to meet the objective to GET THE BAD GUY. VSS believes it has been successful in meeting its objectives, partially thorough the employment of the “New Style of IT” in the High value information Alert and Reporting System, or HARS.

HARS Development Strategy: In many ways, HARS embodies the view presented in this video by Mr. Bill Veghte. One of the guiding strategies of HARS is to facilitate communications with the public, and strive toward ubiquitous communications – anytime, anywhere, using whatever means a person is most comfortable with… and this includes all forms of mobile communications. HARS uses information from a multitude of disparate sources and delivers it using diverse display methods and the cloud now facilitates this for greater system efficiencies. Social media is integrated into the HARS operation and Big Data is a foundational requirement for HARS to function – perhaps MetaData might be a more appropriate term. HARS also includes an additional element in our New Style of IT, and that is Analytics, both predictive and behavioral.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, gives his perspective on The Cloud, which he presented at the 22nd Annual High Tech Prayer Breakfast, Atlanta, Georgia, on October 11, 2013. (http://www.hightechministries.org/videos/pat-gelsinger.html)

The following are some of his comments:

“Today, in The Cloud, there are four forces which are shaping IT. Fundamentally everything going on in IT is associated with one of these four trends in technology. Social – the FaceBook generation; Mobile – all of of iPads, iPhones, Android devices; Cloud – this incredible disruptive change to how IT infrastructure is built; Then maybe the biggest of them all is Big Data, Big Analytic Data.”

“When we think about this period that we’re in – the combination of cloud, mobile and big data disrupting both consumer IT and enterprise IT – we are in the period of the greatest tectonic shift in the IT industry in the last 30 years. We think about the Internet wave, the mainframe, the minicomputer – this is the granddaddy of them all. And the companies that we’ve seen fall so far, these are the minor tremors of the things that are going to happen over the course of the next few years.”

VitaStar Solutions Comments

Leaders in communications and IT companies recognize some common trends, as articulated by Mr. Bill Veghte, Mr. Pat Gelsinger and Mr. Joe Tucci. Recognizing the expertise, wisdom and foresight of these leaders is critical (understatement) in the design of new telecommunications systems. However, an even greater importance is the interaction between humans and the functional process to achieve the end-goal. VitaStar Solutions (VSS) embraces the experience and wisdom of these leaders and strives to integrate these principles into the very heart and fabric of the High value information Alert and Reporting System (HARS).

“The networking of storage is reshaping information technology around the increasingly strategic role of intelligent storage. Over the next few years, more than 80 percent of the world's storage systems will be directly connected to some type of network.” Joe Tucci, CEO of EMC Corp. since 2001 (the world's biggest maker of data-storage equipment by revenue).