HARS - High value information Alert and Reporting System

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Government Agencies

There are many agencies, which focus on certain categories of persons who are threats to the security of our nation. There are many efforts at data mining and efforts to identify the these persons and the threats they represent. They’re very sophisticated efforts (attempts) to share information between the various agencies. Unfortunately our ability to locate these individuals is unsophisticated and far too often myopic efforts by each prideful agency and organization.

HARS represents a powerful weapon to collectively pool information on the “wanted” and present it to the public, thus enlisting this omnipresent, power force in the battle. Further; these cohesive, consolidated efforts can be done without fanfare or overtly letting the Bad Guy know of the efforts. We have “Star Trek” computer capabilities to mine and analyze data and then go hunting for the quarry with black-power and bow and arrows. History has repeatedly proven that the victor possessed the foresight and organizational ability to create a unified force comprised of disparate, parochial warriors and chieftains, to create a regional army whose victory was assured against the small-minded enemy. These historical lessons should not be forgotten, yet history also shows our inability to do so. Let’s pray this cycle can be broken.