HARS - High value information Alert and Reporting System

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HARS - Detailed PowerPoint Presentation

The High value information Alert and Reporting System (HARS) concept and vision appears relatively simple at first glance. But, as has been presented in this website, there are a lot of subtle details and refinements underlying the execution and implement in its full version. However, because it is scalable it may be implemented on small, standalone configurations for a specific functionality, and later can be integrated into a larger system. We hope that you have gained an appreciation for the vision of HARS and its potential to Get The Bad Guy, provide public service information where needed, and to generate revenue though Targeted Information Delivery (TID).

If your company or organization would like to have a personal PowerPoint presentation on HARS, which will provide much more detail, you are invited to contact us and request the presentation. If appropriate, we will be happy to personally come to your location, at no cost to you, and give you our HARS PowerPoint presentation and give you the opportunity to ask the full-spectrum of questions. This is a limited offer and can only be extended to those companies and organizations who share our vision for HARS and are interested in exploring mutually beneficial opportunities.

  • Learn about the “Expanded Infrastructure” and the strategy on how it is created and how it benefits both the owner and HARS.
  • Learn about the critical heart of HARS, the PLAYLIST, and how it implements the “Sniper Rifle” strategy for Targeted Information Delivery (TID).
  • Learn about the application of analytics and predictive behavioral analysis as part of the HARS strategy.
  • Learn about the integration of Social Media with the more traditional methods of communication to create a powerful, integrated system that is omni-present in nature.